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Sunday, September 10, 2017

whatsapp dwara hack thai shake che tamaro phone bano alert

WhatsApp can be hacked by smartphones
Instant messaging app has become one of the most useful messaging apps of the world's tops with WhatsApp, 1 billion daily users. On the other hand, keeping in mind the increasing cyber and phishing, you need to keep some caution while using this app. Whitespace and to give and encryption, under which only the message can decode except the sander and the receiver.

Sometimes hackers send threatening malware to users by taking the help of WhatsApp and asked to click it. This increases the risk of your smartphone hacking. According to WhatsApp, users should be careful while using this app. The company has provided some safety features, which you can use to suit your own convenience.
2. Hacksapp can be hacked by smartphones
- Avoid forwarding any message, which seems suspicious to you.
- You can delete that message by blocking the message sender (Sanders).
- Be cautious while forwarding any message.
- Check your contact list and just keep those people in 

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